About Us

The people behind iCanLearn have one very clear vision; utilise the latest technology to motivate children to take an interest in reading and support the parents, teachers and carers around them.

There was clearly a need to build a mobile-first app that supported this need. In 2014, Adam Robbins, a Deputy Headteacher with several business partners also from the teaching community started to build a business that could make a markable difference to children through the use of the latest technology. He focused his research on the Applications space that was gathering momentum and saw it as a platform that could push key messages and learning aids from schools to parents and to improve two-way communication from parents to schools.

Adam and his team believe iCanRead can make a tangible difference to children. They are establishing many connections with UK schools and charities to ensure they can improve the functionality of the iCanRead platform in forthcoming releases. Please feel free to contact Adam direct with any feedback you may have via adamrobbins@icanlearnapps.co.uk