Early Years Reading 

By 23rd April 2015 Blog
In my opinion as an early years practitioner I feel that early reading is paramount to a child’s success in education.The focus should primarily be on enjoying books in a child’s pre school education, which may occur at home or within a pre school or nursery setting. Listening to different stories, rhymes and poems is a wonderful start to a child’s reading career with a view of teaching reading strategies rapidly as the children enter Foundation Stage 2.

I also feel that having positive adult role model has a huge impact on children (especially boys) and to see individuals whom a child looks up to reading and more importantly enjoying books is so important in giving children an excellent start in reading.

Finally, parental support at home has an enormous impact on children’s reading . Practise really does make perfect and with the full support of schools through reading and phonic workshops, this really can be a match made in heaven.

Sian Farrelly – Early Years Lead Practitioner
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