Reading should be fun!

When we read, even when it’s just for fun, we are learning skills and laying foundations that last us for life. iCanRead is the flagship platform from iCanLearn designed for organizations such as schools and charities to be used to encourage children to read more.

A Flexible Platform

The base iCanRead Platform is ready for you to build and shape to suit the particular needs of children under your care and the employees/volunteers who teach them. We have taken advice and feedback from many individuals in the education sector, parents, charities focused on children and most importantly children themselves to build the platform.

How Do I Engage with iCanLearn?

Join other schools and charities who have used the base iCanRead Platform to build an app that betters children’s reading attainment and excites them about reading.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We will explain how the iCanRead Platform works and take the time to understand how you can add features and contents to suit your specific needs. When we are in agreement on how we will modify the Platform we will work on the commercials and share timescales to build and release your app to the two main app stores – Apple and Google Plus.

"Brilliant, I think all kids should use it!"

− James - Year 3 - Guildford School

"It is great to see my son increasing his reading to achieve the medals and get more aliens on a weekly basis."

− Cherrie - Guildford School Parent

Interactive Reading Log and Book Review

The reading log allows parents to documents reading sessions with their children in a paperless form, creating ease and convenience for parents and schools to record. The reading log also provides a unique challenge element for children and is linked to the iCanLearn alien theme reward scheme of certificates and stickers. iCanRead also aims to provide a key link between reading and writing to transfer their reading skills into their writing, via the book review feature. Children can submit their reviews via the app and ‘reviews of the week’ are published on the website.

Audio Dictionary

The audio dictionary is a unique and exclusive iCanRead function. All the required phonemes that children use to learn to read are represented in phases in the app, and with a click of a button parents hear an immediate audio file of each sound. This can help when decoding words but also to assess how many sounds children know. This is also an invaluable tool for parents who are also learning English. The same feature exists for the top 200 most frequently used words that children must learn.

Comprehension Questions

Becoming a fluent reader is only the first stage. iCanRead Comprehension questions continue the child’s learning and target developing a child’s comprehension of the texts they read. The questions are randomly generated but support the child’s retrieval, evaluation, inference and deduction skills. This is a key focus area across the education sector to develop children’s comprehension ability and iCanRead’s comprehension questions are a tool to help tackle this.

Target Setting and Next Steps

Through this function children, schools and parents can be actively involved together in setting basic targets and follow up work after their reading session. Children can choose sounds, words, or comprehension questions to work on before they next read and is therefore in line with latest Ofsted guidance to actively involve children in their target setting.