Tackling the Declining Standards in Language Skills!

By 19th January 2016 News


In this recent article, the NAHT highlights the rising number of children that are joining primary schools without adequate language skills.

The poll, conducted by Save the Children, goes on to explain that 75% of new children cannot speak in full sentences.  78% of those questioned in the poll also believed that despite interventions in classrooms and good quality first teaching, these children may never catch up with their peers.

This is a concern that is echoed by teachers and school leaders across the country and also the iCanLearn user schools.

This problem is two-fold; if children miss out on their early years education, they suffer later down the line in their educational journey.  A good start and a good early years education readies children for later challenges they will face.

Adam Robbins, ICL’s Head of Product Development and assistant head teacher recognises this issue, “there is a significant amount of research that shows that if children receive a solid start to their education, the key skills of reading, writing, speaking and listening will underpin future academic success”.

Adam goes on to explain, “this is why we believe iCanRead can be a key tool to support early years education – it focuses on the key phonics to support early speaking, listening and reading skills. But more importantly it provides a tool for parents to support their children at home”.

This key combination of early intervention, parental engagement and a cost on making reading for pleasure fun for young children, makes iCanRead a powerful tool for children, schools and parents. iCanRead can help teachers and parents to effectively tackle the declining standards for children entering the first stage of their education.

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