Social division stays in online learning

By 12th August 2016 News

BBC News – Social division stays in online learning

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This article makes interesting reading, both from an education point of view but also from a technology company perspective.

The academic divisions within schools between those children from poorer backgrounds and those from wealthier families has been at the forefront of the education agenda for many years.  Anyone in education agrees that this gap must close and the introduction of the pupil premium has driven this agenda at government and school level.

There is still a long way to go, but this article highlights further concern around how children choose to use the Internet and such technologies.  This is a deep rooted issue within societies across the globe, but it does highlight that the iCanLearn mission is not just UK-specific but is relevant across the world.

In particular, the assertion in this article “ that encouraging strong reading skills is the key to making the most of the internet” is crucial and only highlights our mission.  The article goes on to state “that there have been efforts to narrow such gaps in access, but a more valuable response might be to focus on making sure that all young people have strong literacy skills”.

iCanRead is uniquely placed to offer such a solution, a focus basic literacy skills, developing these in collaboration with parents, children and schools, whilst explosing all these parties to the latest technology in a focused and productive manner.

iCanLearn welcome this report and champion the cause and it’s findings, we will continue to work hard in this area, to use technology to close these gaps that are hindering progress for our children and ensure all children can access and use technology to its full potential.

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