Breaking The 1000 Mark!!!

By 21st May 2015 News

Breaking the 1000 mark!

We are pleased to announce that last week one of our trial schools broke the 1000 mark. Let me clarify – one child read over 1000 pages in a week and logged this via the iCanRead Reading Log. A stellar performance that would ensure he was top of his class for the week.

Given the National Literacy Trust’s report published this week on reading which examines the habits of children inside and outside of school, there are a number of links we can make here. Firstly, the child who logged this reading record was a boy. The report identified the reading gap was widening between boys and girls, even though the general trend was positive increases across the board. Secondly, the report indicated that access to technology in the home is increasing with 77% of KS2 having access to a tablet and remarkably 58% having their own smartphone. Access to smartphones or technology to use an app is less in question now than ever before.

This helps to prove our hypothesis: Children’s engagement in reading outside of the classroom increases when we combine interactive reading technology with parental involvement, and blend with an element of competition. This is an early view on what iCanRead can do; the mission now is to increase adoption across schools and record even more 1000+ scores in a week.

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