First Virtual School partnership for iCanLearn

By 12th March 2016 News

The coming summer term marks the start of a new partnership between a London authority’s virtual school and the iCanLearn team.

Over the last term the iCanLearn team have been working alongside the virtual head to create a working partnership that allows the virtual school to provide iCanRead to all the looked after children and carers in the whole authority, over 600 children.

This is an exciting new venture for both parties as this will not only support and encourage these children to read more but also provides a much needed tool for carers. Up until now there were no such resources that supported carers to support the children outside school.

Because of iCanRead, carers now have (at their finger tips) a tool to apply the latest methods that are used in school to support reading and to reinforce the learning at home.

We’d like to thank the authority for partnering with us; together we hope to further develop a much needed and powerful tool and look forward to seeing this develop in the coming months.

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