More than 12 million fall into UK digital skills gap

By 30th October 2015 News

The BBC recently published the above article suggesting over 12million people do not have the skills to prosper in the digital age and that this ‘digital exclusion’ gap could widen. It argues there are 5 skills needed to succeed in the digital age – ‘if you can manage information, communicate, make payments, solve problems, and create stuff online then you are in good shape’.

The research also argues that poverty and lack of infrastructure contribute to this problem. iCanLearn works closely with a number of schools in different parts of the country with varying levels of need and deprivation. We provide these schools with easy-to-use technology that they can share with children, parents and teachers. Our technology encourages the sharing information and communication. By providing this technology to early years and primary children, they are being exposed to the latest mobile technology. Whilst using this technology, they develop different aspects of all 5 of the above skills. The children quickly become the experts, often teaching the older generations and helping to introduce them to the digital age! The digital age is an exciting time!

From our experience, the children embrace this change and thrive on it. We are playing our part to close this gap and equip our children today with the skills and knowledge they need for tomorrow.

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