School tests ‘kill joy of reading’, says War Horse author

By 24th September 2016 News

“The right book, the right author, the right parent, the right teacher, the right librarian at the right time, might have made the difference, shone a light into a dark life, turned that life around.”

Michael Morpurgo is a well known name in schools up and down the country and his books are real favourites in many, many classrooms.

Children and adults love his stories from War Horse to Private Peaceful and Kensuke’s Kingdom to the Butterfly Lion. These stories foster a real love for reading; a joy that can be taken from immersing yourself in these magical worlds.

However, the author argues that these principles are being lost as schools focus more and more on assessment and accountability.  He argues that we cannot forget these crucial skills that underpin our attitudes and skills throughout our lives.

Learning to read, but more importantly, enjoying reading and books can make a tangible difference to children early on and in turn their outcomes.  It is reassuring to hear voices such as Michael Morpurgo fighting this fight and driving the same message as iCanRead.

So what is the message…? Reading is fun, authors, teachers, politicians will all tell you this, however you cannot measure fun through a test…

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