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By 5th May 2016 News

Our very own Adam Robbins, Director and Head of Product Development at iCanLearn has been working hard at his ‘day job’ and spoke exclusively with TES about some of the hot topics in education that affect him and other school leaders.

As a deputy head, Adam is well aware of the work load and pressures facing school leaders and teachers.  This workload is not solely based in school and on teaching commitments, the article explains that leaders and schools are facing many more challenges.  As services in other areas are reduced schools find themselves providing social work and political implications such as the Academisation agenda.

Adam explained that ultimately it will be the children that lose out as a result of all the changes to the educational landscape.  Furthermore, the teacher recruitment crisis and further cuts to school budgets are also taking their toll.

He went on to explain that is why he is putting his efforts (when he has time!) into iCanRead,  “iCanRead is a tool that schools can really make use of. I know this from my current situation; not only does it offer key learning and skills to children, it is affordable for schools and offers focus and clarity for teachers that does not increase workload, but stream-lines it.  As one of those at the ‘chalk face’ every day I know iCanRead can offer fellow teachers the support they need and hope to extend iCanRead so it is accessible and available to many more of my colleagues”.

Adam also believes this is what makes the iCanLearn team unique and is one of their greatest strengths.  Our products and solutions are based on real need, Adam, and the other education professionals and partners we work with, ensure that we are always driving towards real solutions to real issues that schools are facing everyday.

You can read part of the article below but the full article and Adam’s comments are in this week’s copy of TES (available Friday 29th April).


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